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So it’s been a little bit since I personally blogged.  I’ve been super busy trying to keep up with my new section of Etsy reviews.  This week has been a pretty good week. I am despratley awaiting the arrivial of my latest photos to be processed. Let me tell you, taking 35 mm has it’s perks and it’s draw backs. The biggest drawback is having to wait a week to get your film back when Wal-mart’s 1 hour photo is down. Epic Fail!  Other then that I have a great week. Tonight is the Joplin Artwalk and it’s always fun to wander around our old down town and talking to random people who are intersted in the same art you are.  There is something very nolstagic about it. It’s almost like it used to be when people went downtown for everything.  Speaking of downtown, I promised a few more photos from my walk down there about a month ago.  Do not fear. Here are some of the other shots I took.

As you can  see I love abandon buildings.  I’ve always leaned in that direction.  I am a celebrator of the underdogs out there.  I hate for anything to be forgotten and left to rot without being loved in some sort of fashion. 

Leading into tonight I’m hoping to maybe speak with the lady that does all of the set up for the artwalk and get some of the area photographers involved in showcasing their work.  One that I discovered was the high amount of people that just shot for fun and think their work is medicore, when in fact it’s amazing. 

Well enough about photos for now. What else has happened? Not alot. My poor dog has had some major itching fits b/c of the weather.  There is nothing more depressing then a dog that already has sad eyes be given the cone of shame to wear around his neck. He’s so pitiful but it’s so funny at the same time.  He’s actually become quite use to it now and gets around almost like he doesn’t have it on. But it’s still funny when he goes to get something from under the coffee table and not realized that with the cone it’s a little too big and *smack* Poor guy, it gets me everytime.

School is also getting started around here.  There is something about not going to school that is a little well, sad. Don’t get me wrong, the fact  I don’t have to sit through classes and try to stay awake is most certainly a plus, but there’s something about going back and see, how in a short three months, people have changed.  It’s almost like you get to make yourself over again each year.  But not going back has its’ perks.  I work and have fun and don’t have to worry about getting that dreaded homework done. (not that I did a lot of that anyway) What that does do is let me know that fall is just around the corner.  I love fall so much.  I think people are much friendlier and sociable in the fall.  It’s like they know that in a short time we will all be walled up, with just our family to keep us company b/c of all the winter storms and cold.  I think if winter didn’t follow fall, I would love it even more.  The weather is cooler, the leaves are all painted with the hand of God and the smell is so sweet and pure.  *sigh* I just can’t wait.

Well that’s enough of my random thoughts for today. Stay tuned for more fun to come.  I’m expecting to have some great baseball pics in my next round of fun. So see ya then!


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A Look Though my Lens

Here is  my first post on my favorite hobby, photography.  There is something very calming about walking around and trying to see something that gets passed by everyday.  I tend to get lost in my thoughts and my camera.  This was recently true when I got to participate in the World Wide Photo Walk. For the curious the previously mentioned event is when photographers in different cities around the world gather on the same day and take photos of where they live.  It was the first time for my little town in Joplin to be a part of it and it was so much fun.  Here is some of the first shots I took.

Downtown Building

 I loved this one because you can see all the detail of the building.  Joplin was a mining town in the fullest sense of the word so they had some grand 1900’s architecture but some of it was lost in the 60’s due to “urban renewal” and economic troubles. In recent years the city has realized how much of their great heritage was lost by letting the downtown art deco buildings crumble while other parts of the city wewre booming, so they enacted tax breaks to businesses who are willing to come downtown. They also added an event every third thursday of the month deemed the Art Walk which adds to the mystic of these old pieces of art. And that is evident by the mural below. It celebrates Joplin’s part of the old Route 66.

Route 66 Window Mural



These murals are all over main street and it’s fun to see them change and update with the month’s activities

Flower and Table

                   The next place in downtown we went was the restaurant called Karma Dogs. It’s another great business that has sprung up since the tax credits were given.  I loved how this shot turned out with my 35 mm. The colors are great and you can see the sun light outlining the cute bud vase.  I really just enjoy discovering something new each time I look.

Sun in Karma Dogs

                My next and final print of this post also comes from Karma Dogs.  This is the sun sculpture for their restaurant.  I loved how the light hits in such a way as to make it look like it’s putting off its own beams.  On a side note if you go into the building and try looking for it you’ll notice how small the sun piece really is.  I did this the last time I was in there to order one of their gourmet hot dogs and saw how much a great angle can add not only to the light and shadow of a piece but the size.  This is also one of my favorites.

Well that’s all for this post but I’ll have a part two coming up shortly.  We went into the industrial part of the city after this was taken and I can’t wait to share some of the great shots I got out of that walk.  It’s such a joy.  Let me encourage you to do the same thing some time.  If you are a photographer and you have a few friends who also like to wander around on a lazy summer morning, either to shot or to be the subject of some great shots let me encourage you to do so.  You might find little treasures of your own that you never knew about your city or town.  It really made me appreciate the gem we have in our small city so who knows what it will do for you.

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